Fire & Explosion

Fire and Explosion Investigation

Miller Engineering regularly investigates fires and explosions of both residences and manufacturing facilities to determine cause and origin.

Primary in our analyses are the following:

  • Relation of fires caused by an individual product to warnings or instructions provided by manufacturers about their products,
  • How such products may have been involved in fires, and
  • How improper procedures followed by users or installers may have contributed to the initiation of a fire or explosion.

Sample Projects:

heating pad testingr

heating pad testing2r

SAMPLE PROJECT: Home Fire – Heating Blanket

This case involved a home fire resulting in a child fatality.  Miller Engineering analyzed cause and progression of the fire related to an old heating blanket as well as performance of smoke detectors in this fire reconstruction.

The top image illustrates an exemplar blanket being tested to determine the rate at which smoking begins. The bottom image is a graph of the results of several tests on heating blankets.


fire analysis 1r

SAMPLE PROJECT: Home Fire – Generator

This case involved a home fire during an electrical outage and a generator was in use.  There were concerns the generator malfunctioned, but further analysis lead to the conclusion that the fire started during refueling of the tank.

fire 1r

SAMPLE PROJECT: Home Fire – Gas line

This case involved a whole house fire that was traced to a gas fireplace.  A faulty installation of the gas line lead to a leak and subsequent whole house fire.