With more than forty years of consulting and engineering professorships from Michigan, Purdue and Kettering, Miller Engineering has conducted research, teaching and consulting in the types of areas portrayed below. Our principle engineers wrote the original books on warnings and instructions, have published in several other areas, have participated in product designs and patents, and have analyzed, reconstructed and/or animated numerous types of accidents. We are known for our staff’s thorough, detailed documentation and portrayal of accident sequences and the surrounding environmental circumstances. There are many examples below of our designs for labeling, warnings, and instruction manuals for consumer and commercial products. Forensic services include consultations and expert testimony related to product liability issues, accident reconstruction, patent infringement, contract breaches, and compliance to standards, including OSHA, CPSC, EPA, DOT, and FDA. Hands on engineering design and affiliated daily operations include a hydroelectric plant, solar farm, forestry operation, marina, and large farm-ranch agricultural operations in Idaho and Oregon. 

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1 ARAS screen shot

Vehicle Accidents 

Auto, Truck, & Pedestrian Accident Reconstructions

2 Warnings Book

Warnings & Instructions

Labels, Instruction Manuals, Packaging
(CPSC, FDA, ANSI, ISO, etc. Compliant)

Workplace Safety & OSHA Compliance

Accidents, Chemical Exposures, Guarding, Protective Equipment (PPE)

Agricultural Accidents

Farm Equipment & Processes, Pesticide Exposures, Overturns/Rollovers

Construction Accidents & OSHA Compliance

Falls, Entrapments, Building Collapses, Guarding, Chemicals, Tools/Machinery

6 GHS Label

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM – SDS)

GHS, SDS/MSDS; Vaping & E-Cigarette Health Effects; Toxic Torts; Asbestos; Diacetyl; Benzene

Fire & Explosion Investigations

Gas, Chemical, Electrical, & Battery Fires; Spontaneous Combustion; Vaping & E-Cigarette Battery Failures

Premises Liability

Slips and Falls, Doors, Maintenance, Signage, Obstructions, Negligence

Consumer Products / Product Liability

Tools, Batteries, Appliances, Medical Devices, Furniture, Exercise Equipment

10 ATV 2

Recreational Products

Boats, ATVs, Swimming, Contact Sports, Outdoor Sports

Children’s Products & Toys

Safety, Choking Prevention, Furniture, Batteries, Entrapments

Chemical Accidents / Toxic Torts

Chemical Exposures, Processes & Leaks
Asbestos, Diacetyl, Lead, Silica, etc.