Auto/Truck Accident Reconstruction & Analysis


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Accident Reconstruction & Analysis Services

Miller Engineering has the experience and capability to provide the following services in accident reconstruction cases:

  • Accident Site Inspections, Surveys, & Scene Recreations
  • Vehicle & Equipment Inspections
  • Failure Analysis
  • Full Litigation Services
  • Human/Machine Interaction Analysis
  • Human Performance Evaluation
  • Product Liability Assessment
  • Auto Safety Standards Assessment
  • Vehicle Components Testing
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Impact Severity Determinations
  • Vehicular Fire Investigation
  • Visibility Studies
  • ECM/Black Box Data Extraction & Interpretation
  • Accident Reconstruction & Animations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Accident Sequence Reconstruction Visuals
  • Speed, Time, & Distance Calculations
  • Crush Damage Analysis
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Accident Investigation
  • Expert Testimony

Wheel Loss

Lug nut torque requirements are critical to keeping tires firmly attached to the vehicle. Proper torque maintenance is important in preventing wheel loss. Miller Engineering has worked on numerous cases involving wheel loss for autos, commercial trucks, RVs, and towed vehicles.

Truck Crashes with Autos

Commercial truck operators often have litigation brought against them or their company for accidents with automobiles. The causes of such crashes may relate to inattentiveness or poor judgment on the part of the truck driver, or actions by the auto drivers, which put the truck drivers in a situation where a collision cannot be avoided. Miller Engineering has assisted in litigation for numerous commercial truck accidents.

Visibility from Truck Cabs

While forward vision is excellent from a truck driver’s elevated position, vision to the sides and rear has some limitations. Miller Engineering has developed techniques to quantitatively analyze and graphically depict visibility areas and blind spots as a function of driver’s size, mirror configuration, and type of vehicle involved.

Three-Point Climbing System for Effective Egress & Ingress

Climbing/slip and fall analyses have been a major strength of Miller Engineering in relation to truck/tractor systems. Traditional and cabover engine models have been evaluated, and methodologies have been developed to both analyze and depict truck/tractor climbing systems. Miller Engineering has fully computerized data collections, which utilize force plates to analyze choices of step surfaces, sole-step interactions, human gait, and effectiveness of three-point climbing systems. We have also participated in the design of standards relative to the egress and ingress issues.

Vehicle Types

Miller Engineering has provided expert services and testimony on cases involving various types of vehicles including:

  • Auto, Truck, Bus
  • Forklift, Hi-Lo, Personal Lifts
  • ATV, Off-Road Vehicles, Motorcycles
  • Mining, Cranes, Utility Vehicles
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Railroad Car & Railroad Utility Vehicles