Agricultural Engineering Expertise

Photo courtesy of Robotics Business Review

Farm-Ranch Operations: As practicing engineers and facility operators, we manage the farming and ranching of 1000 acres of land in Idaho and timberland in Oregon Angus cattle is our bovine specialty, and alfalfa is a focus for the 200,000 dairy cattle in the area and 

Green Energy Experts:

Hydroelectric Plant: We have designed and operate a  500KVA hydroelectric plant on the Snake River. Solar Farm: We also have designed and built a solar farm to operate pressured pivot irrigation systems under a US Government Grant (REAP).

Uniquely, we have been called on to address hemp and cannabis growing, storing and processing. Our Oregon location is near one of the larger cannabis processing plants on the west coast, in Longview, WA.

 From agricultural accident reconstruction, to equipment design, to complicated automatic irrigation, green energy. solar and hydroelectric systems, we should be able to help. 

On staff we also have a licensed applicator for herbicides, fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, and restricted use chemicals.  Below are examples of areas we have provided agricultural engineering expertise:

  • Agricultural Safety Engineering
  • Farm Tools, Vehicles, Equipment, and Machinery
    • Tractor Overturns/Rollovers
    • Irrigation & Hydroelectric Power Systems
    • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Usage
  • Farm Accident Analysis/Reconstruction
    • Hay, Crop and Grain Harvesting Accidents
    • Grain and Crop Conveyor and Elevator Storage and Accidents
    • Horse (Equine) and Cattle (Bovine) Accidents
  • Agricultural Chemical Safety, Applications, and Exposure
    • Pesticide Use, Compliance, Disposal, and Contamination
    • Licensed Restricted Use and Chemigation Applicators
    • Wastewater
  • Construction Safety, Training, and Accidents (OSHA 29 CFR 1926)
    • Building Materials
    • Building Codes

Our Working Farms and Ranches

Our 1,000 acres of ranch, farm and timberlands in Idaho and Oregon, as well as our solar farm and hydroelectric power plant on the Snake River (shown below), have the  usual pieces on farm equipment: tractors, swathers, balers, rakes, planters, harvesters, tilling equipment, backhoes, skid steers, and ATV’s. Crops produced include potatoes, alfalfa, sugar beets, barley for Coors and Budweiser, winter wheat, beans, carrots, and three types of corn: sweet, field, and silage corn. The ranch is also home to 300 registered black angus cattle.

These properties are available for various test or demonstration purposes of crops and equipment, and they are available for use by clients. We also use our contacts with our many local farmers to gather data about the equipment they buy and use. We are happy to make this connection to our farms available.