Truck Project Examples

Truck Accident Projects


Truck-Bicycle Accident

Accident reconstruction of a collision between a bicycle rider and a truck, resulting in a fatality. Visibility and timing analyses were performed.

Truck-Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian was injured by garbage truck operating in reverse. Miller Engineering was retained to reconstruct the accident and provide analysis of the equipment used as well as company practices.

Lift Truck Accident

Client suffered severe bodily injury as a result of a construction accident involving a lift truck. Miller Engineering analyzed the design of bucket and methods of ingress/egress.

Truck Egress

Truck Egress / Ingress

A truck driver fell out of a tractor cab resulting in a significant head injury.  Miller Engineering analyzed the fall pattern in combination with the injuries to determine whether the driver was climbing into or out of the cab, using the three point method, etc.

Tractor Trailer – Van Accident

The van driver (Plaintiff) attempted to pass a truck with a double trailer (Defendant) on the right while the truck driver was making a right turn into a driveway. Miller Engineering investigated the circumstances of the accident and produced a detailed reconstruction.