Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

As a result of Dr. Miller’s past experience working directly with OSHA, Miller Engineering offers an exclusive advantage when it comes to workplace safety. After 35+ years of successfully evaluating and designing safety standards and procedures, our services reflect our unique mastery of this landscape. Trust us to deliver company products, practices, and warnings that foster the best and safest possible workplace.

Miller Engineering’s expertise covers a broad array of workplace concerns, including:

Unique Past Experience

Dr. Miller himself held a position with Federal OSHA in Washington and was responsible for all OSHA safety standards for a number of years. He revised both the General Industry and Construction Occupational Safety Standards (29 CFR Part 1910 and 29 CFR Part 1926). He also worked with the various State divisions to coordinate Federal and State occupational safety requirements. During his tenure in Washington, he also assisted in the development of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) requirements.

Workplace Safety Example Projects

Remote Guarding and Human Factors Investigation

While hoisting bundles of steel tubes, a woman was injured in an accident that involved a loose chain and a potentially faulty control box remote. Miller Engineering inspected the site, investigated the equipment, and performed a human factors and ergonomics assessment of the control box usage. We successfully determined that the remote’s guarding was adequate and did not play a role in the incident. Rather, the transfer cart tipped over from an improper control box action (top image), and/or a loose bundle opening up (bottom image).

Industrial Products Projects

  • Industrial Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Confined space entry
  • Industrial Accident – Power hand tools
  • Industrial Tools – Injuries incurred through cumulative usage

Company Practices Projects

  • Industrial Accident – Safety procedures
  • Industrial Accident – Installation & maintenance
  • Industrial Accident – Rubber calendar
  • Workplace Safety – Workplace violence