Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

There are three types of engineering disciplines which are generally useful to us and for which we are sometimes hiring:

  • Mechanical / Industrial / Biomedical Engineers
  • Chemical / Agricultural / Environmental Engineers
  • Product Safety Engineers

If you are interested in any of these positions, prior to applying we would expect you to do the following:

  1. Read the following position description.
  2. Look at example tasks that we would expect you or one of your subordinates to produce.
  3. Review various parts of our website to understand the projects that we work on as well as the types of clients that hire us.
  4. After submitting your resume, it is likely that we will ask you to submit a technical writing sample.
  5. Your extra curricular and recreational activities can be important to the large variety of projects we undertake. Be sure to include your outside-the-classroom or -office activities in your resume or cover letter.

Please note: We do not currently need people with specialties in CAD or software development.

Working within Miller Engineering

  • Miller Engineering is a nationally known mechanical, safety, health, environmental, and ergonomics engineering consulting firm located in Ann Arbor with U of M and Purdue faculty represented as principals.
  • We specialize in the analysis/redesign of a wide array of products and processes, including industrial, consumer, agricultural, household, recreational, chemical and environmental type products and in-plant processing.
  • We are also regularly involved with both the functional and instructions/warnings aspects of a product or process design.
  • Our work with power tools, medical devices, heavy trucks, industrial vehicles, off-road and agricultural equipment, recreational vehicles, children’s products, toxic chemicals affecting workers and consumers, and environmental contamination projects are substantial.
  • Most projects involve forensic investigation, product research, and/or testing, all from an engineering, safety, or human factors/ergonomic perspective with the objective of making recommendations for improved designs or product literature, or to determine how a product failed as a part of an accident.


Responsibilities may include:

  • Preparation of reports (both internally and for clients), technical summaries, presentations, and visuals / graphics.
  • Inspection, analysis, testing, and documentation (including photographic) of project-related products, facilities, and accident scenes
  • Utilizing instrumentation devices, recording and analyzing data, using equipment, designing experiments, and performing statistical analyses.
  • Focused research of literature, industry standards, government regulations, etc. that pertain to a specific product or safety issue.
  • Review and documentation of sometimes voluminous client project materials.
  • Client contact and supervision of engineering and researcher staff.
  • Prioritization and delegation of numerous tasks within multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Chemical/Environmental Projects: We frequently do work involving chemical and environmental issues, including toxic torts, chemical contamination in soil, water, and air, and workplace contamination. Work in this area includes liability litigation cases, RCRA and OSHA compliance, and MSDS preparation. These projects typically involve extensive research and analysis.

As an engineering and safety consulting firm, our project activities can vary widely, even on a day to day basis. A good candidate will be eager to take on new and unexpected challenges regularly.

Educational/Experience Requirements:

  • Desired Education: Engineering Bachelors Degree in Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, Agricultural, Biomedical, Electrical, Environmental, possibly others.
  • A Masters Degree in one of the above disciplines desirable but not necessary.
  • Has previously taken and passed, or willing to take, the FE / PE exams.
  • In addition to foundation engineering degrees, applicants should have course work, experience, or a sincere willingness to learn about safety, accident reconstruction, hazard communication, and human factors/ergonomics.
  • An interest in product and environmental liability law is useful.
  • Any additional experience or course work in mechanical systems design and analysis, human factors, engineering standards, or accident computer modeling would be useful.

Location/Travel: Initial training and work in Ann Arbor. Occasional travel within U.S. and to our other offices in the Northwest.

We can offer 20-40 hours/week at $25-$35/hr with flexible hours possible.

Technical Writers / Researchers

Responsibilities may include:

  • Performing regulatory, industry, product and legal research which would then be documented into summaries and reports.
  • Summarizing depositions (legal transcripts) describing various aspects of accidents.
  • Projects and publications one might work on generally have some relationship to a product’s forensic/litigation aspects: safety, accident circumstances, human factors and ergonomics, design, and hazard communication, such as warnings and instructions.

Educational/Experience Requirements:

  • Desired Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a physical science, engineering, library science, English, the legal field, possibly others.
  • EXTREMELY good English verbal and written skills are mandatory.
  • Applicants should have course work, experience, or a sincere willingness to learn about safety, accident reconstruction, hazard communication, and human factors/ergonomics.
  • An interest in product and environmental liability law is useful.

Half to full time flexible hours may be available at $15-$20/hr.

Apply by sending resume by mail, fax, or e-mail:

James M. Miller, PE, PhD, President
(Professor Emeritus IOE-UofM)
Miller Engineering
2392 Fuller Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
FAX : 734-747-9712
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